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University of Virginia

Kira Flores


Kira’s illustrious career as a college ultimate player began when her older sister dragged her to Hydra tryouts during the fall of her first year. Before that day, Kira had never thrown a frisbee, but as a hard worker and a determinedly competitive athlete, she began to excel immediately, becoming a reliable O-line cutter in her first year. Kira spent her second year improving her game, and by summer 2021 she was named to the Mid-Atlantic Club All-Tournament Team. As a player who consistently rises to the occasion, Kira broke out at 2021 Fall Nationals, playing a vital role in Hydra’s 5th place finish and assisting on the score to send Hydra to the quarterfinals. In spring 2022, she reached another level, carrying the team to another Nationals berth and being named to the Atlantic Coast’s All Region Team. In a game at 2022 Nationals, she played 16 points in a row, putting every ounce of effort into every point she played. Last summer, Kira played for San Francisco Polar Bears, an elite club mixed team, as a D-line cutter and handler, which demonstrates her versatility and ability to play any role on the field. This year, Kira has finally risen to her peak, as she was named to the U24 Women’s National Team, while also captaining Hydra with poise. Without Kira, Hydra would be lost at sea. She is a fearless leader, loyal friend, and holds an awe-inspiring ability to shine on the field.

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