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Colorado State

Kiera Lindgren


Kiera Lindgren first started playing ultimate during high school and claims that deciding to play was the “best decision [she] ever made”. Since then she has played for Lion Ultimate, CSU Hell’s Belles, Colorado Small Batch, Fort Collins Trainwreck, Denver Molly Brown, and this summer she will play on the U-24 Women’s National Team. If you have ever played with or against Kiera, you know no space on the field is safe from her. Kiera owns the field on defense, offense, and in spirit. Kiera will layout for any disk, sky everybody, and break every mark. Off the field, Kiera is a quiet and immense force on Belles. During her two years as captain, she has not only kept Belles running but has kept our spirits up in every way. Any time you need a friend or support, Kiera is there for you. For these reasons and many more, Hell’s Belles is thrilled to nominate Kiera as our 2019 Callahan nominee.

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