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New Hampshire

Kenzie Finigan


Kenzie joined this sport as a freshman back in the fall of 2015 when she didn’t try hard enough to make the lacrosse team. Since then, she has fully committed herself to ultimate and forsworn all other sports. Voted “Most Spirited Player” in countless spirit circles, Kenzie’s energy and spunk led her to becoming the heart and soul of Oriza Ultimate. Despite being abroad for the 2018 spring season, she maintained such a strong presence on the team that she was unanimously elected as captain for the next year. From leading warm-ups to making game-winning plays, Kenzie is a vital component of Oriza. When she’s gone, the whole team feels her absence. Although her athleticism is fierce, Kenzie is one of the most approachable players on the field. She is the first to ask for critique on her play and her leadership, as well as the first to offer advice and encouragement. Other talents include butchering team cheers, shotgunning Frosties, and peeing her pants while making dope plays.

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