College Championships Submit a Nomination


Katherine Li


Katherine “Bean” Li has been of unquantifiable value to the Swerve team and community over her time with us. On the field, she is a constant, unshakable defensive threat, using her smart positioning and speed to get run-through Ds and sky opponents that are often significantly taller than her. She is an extremely reliable offensive rock, always making herself available for a handler reset, launching hucks, and being able to flexibly move between roles on the field. Most importantly, Bean is a fount of wisdom, with both a detailed knowledge of the game and a natural understanding of how to make everyone around her feel welcome and valued. In addition to her on-field contributions, she has served as a motivating force, a patient teacher, and a soft place to land for every member of this team and community. Swerve is inexplicably better, in every sense, because of Bean.