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University of Southern California

Karen He


Karen “Koopa” He is a fourth-year player on the USC Hellions of Troy originally from Princeton, NJ. Koopa began playing ultimate on her high school team where she played from 2015-2019 – captaining the 2018-2019 season. Koopa also played on the DEVYL U17 team at 2017 YCCs. In 2020, Koopa brought all of her amazing ultimate skills to the Hellions of Troy. Koopa’s undoubtable skill and knowledge of the game has been apparent since her first tournament with the Hellions. Since her rookie season, Koopa has not stopped growing, learning, and challenging herself to become the best player she can be – playing club in cities all over the country during her summers away from the Hellions including JugHandle in NJ and LightsOut in Seattle. As a captain of the Hellions for the 2022-2023 season, Koopa has used her intensity and skill to inspire the rest of her team and build up the Hellions program. On the field, you can watch Koopa throw some beautiful IO backhands, get epic Ds, and throw some head-spinning fakes all while wearing her iconic pink heart sunglasses. Off the field, Koopa has devoted countless hours outside of practices and tournaments to throw individually with every member of the team, check in with players one on one and work to make sure every member of the Hellions feels included and supported. Koopa embodies the spirit of ultimate – a sport with immense competition and drive which still nurtures a culture of learning and support. The Hellions will miss Koopa an incredible amount next year but cannot wait to hear about all the amazing things she goes off to do in Seattle!