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British Columbia

Julia Zhang


Julia has been a consistent force on both sides of the disc since her first year in 2016. Her freshman year saw her come off of an ACL surgery, recovering in just under six months to play her first college tournament of Northwest Challenge. From that point on, she became an integral part of the Thunderbird system. Her strengths include suffocating person-on defensive pressure, intuition for zone offense and prowess for initiating cuts. She has captained the Thunderbirds since 2019, and leads by example both on the field and in the gym with her relentless work ethic. Many may be intimidated by her on first impression, but in reality, she is a big softy and loves to be silly and goof around. Her lighthearted energy is something she brings to every practice and competition – you will constantly see her cringe-worthy dancing and ridiculous antics on the sideline. It is one of the key components of her ability to connect with first-years and create a safe environment for growth on the team.

Julia has also contributed significantly to the Canadian Ultimate community, coaching junior club and high school teams since 2016 and playing on the top local women’s club team Vancouver Traffic. She was selected to represent Canada at the 2016 WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships and the 2019 WFDF World Under-24 Ultimate Championships, winning gold and bronze respectively. The respect and recognition she receives in ultimate is paralleled by UBC, who named her 2020 Female Athlete of the Year.

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