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Julia Lober


Simply put, there is no EWO without Julia Lober. Over her five years with the team, Julia has become integral to EWO’s playing style, team culture, and the Tufts ultimate community as a whole. A talented all-around player, Julia plays more points than anyone, highlighting her prowess in all aspects of the game as well as her remarkable mental strength and physical abilities. Julia’s on-field consistency is unmatched; her extraordinary IQ for the game revolves around an arsenal of throws, ankle-breaking handler cuts, and defensive expertise. With every throw, catch, and block that Julia makes, she exudes confidence and a love of the game that inspires her teammates to match her level of play and work ethic.

Julia stepped up in a huge way by captaining EWO through both the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons, keeping EWO alive and showing what it means to truly care about a team. EWO’s success this year is in great part to Julia’s dedication to ultimate and to our community. By working hard to develop the team’s skills, uphold traditions, and sustain the culture that makes EWO special, Julia kept the EWO flame burning through a challenging two years.

EWO present and future will know the joy that is playing for Tufts thanks to Julia, the example she sets as a player, and the dedication she shows as a leader. EWO is proud to stand behind her as our 2022 Callahan nominee.