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Jules Madigan


Jules Madigan started playing ultimate as a freshman at the University of South Carolina, on a Scorch team that wasn’t predicted to make Regionals, but did. Their successes were in large part thanks to her fierce competitive nature and athleticism, which helped shape Scorch’s team identity.

When she came to a young, regionals-level UC Davis team in 2019 as a first-year grad student, she immediately made an impact with her gritty play, belief in all her teammates, and competitive nature. In 2021, her role on Rogue grew even more as she captained us to our first Nationals appearance in 15 years (all while getting her master’s degree in immunology).

Jules is a crucial player for Rogue on offense and defense. She plays shutdown defense on some of the best players in the country in addition to deep-deep in our game-winning zone. On offense, her determination shines clear in her willingness to bid, commitment to putting in the work to always get open, and ability to dunk on people for the score.

She is a role-model for everyone on Rogue, on and off the field. Her doggedness, hype, and love of the game have changed Rogue’s culture over the past few years for the better. She looks out for everyone and acts as the team’s unofficial big sister, and we are so grateful to have had the chance to play with Jules for three whole years.