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University of California-Berkeley

Jillian Magtoto


Jillian joined the Pie Queens program during her first year at Cal, having never played ultimate before. She played on Tarts for a year in 2019, before making Queens in spring of 2022. As a part of Queens, Jill quickly established herself as an irreplaceable part of D-line, where she has an uncanny ability to generate run-through D’s and then proceed to rid herself of the best defenders and facilitate offensive flow.

This year, Jill’s offensive game has hit new levels. She can’t be kept out of the endzone, and consequently is one of the top scorers on Queens. Her timing and ability to read the disc are unmatched. While Jill is all over the field, perhaps the most impressive part of her game is her defensive prowess. Her spatial awareness in a zone is terrifying to play against, and she knows her speed well enough to bait you into a false sense of security while creating the perfect conditions to deliver a demoralizing run-through D. Each game she is tasked with some of the toughest matchups on the field, and more often than not, she comes out on top. We’re just so grateful she’s our teammate.

Lastly, Jill continues to be an irreplaceable part of Pie Queens culture–as merch officer, she ensures we stay fitted as a team. She has infectious energy that brings people together, and her perpetual kindness, hard work, and silliness motivate the rest of us to be the best we can be.