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Penn State

Jessica Sourbeer


Jessica Sourbeer is one of the most versatile players you’ll ever have the honor of playing with. From powerful hucks to huge layout D’s, effortless inside breaks to great reads, she’s always unstoppable. She’s never phased by weather or competition, and is consistently a huge threat on the field, dictating how every point will go from the start with an incredible pull. On the sideline, she’s the girl having the most fun. You’ll probably find her taking silly selfies, busting out a move or two during dance breaks or leading our “We Are” cheer. Crisis has been so lucky to have such a great player to learn from and an amazing friend these past four years.

Jess started her ultimate career in Pittsburgh, Pa., at Upper St. Claire High School, and she has loved it ever since. She continued to play after high school on Pittsburgh’s club women’s team, Hot Metal, for three years. This past summer, she played with Washington D.C’s Scandal Ultimate. For the past four years, Jess has played for Penn State’s women’s team, Crisis Ultimate, and has been a vital part of the team from the start. Her freshman year, she was the Ohio Valley Freshman of the Year and made 1st Team All-Region. She has taught so many of us on Crisis how to be better players and has made every game more fun. In June, she will be moving to Atlanta, and we are all super excited to see where ultimate will take her next!

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