College Championships Submit a Nomination


Jane Zheng


When Jane Zheng arrived at UW, everyone could tell she was an experienced ultimate player. As she starts her 5th year on Bella Donna, she has become a leader both on and off the field. Jane is known for her incredible field awareness, upbeat personality and mind-blowing step outs on her spicy inside and around throws. Through both injuries and COVID, Jane continued to embody resilience and joy and consistently pushed herself to become a better player and teammate.

While not on the ultimate field, Jane is completing her Masters of Science in Business Analytics, with interests in cooking, traveling, and card games. Jane also enjoys hiking and biking outside of playing ultimate and is always searching for a good slice of chocolate cake. She is always there to support her teammates and leave everything on the field, even if that means hitting the ground or pulling into the wind. She has played for two Madison club teams, Lady Forward and Mad Udderburn, and the Madison YCC team in high school.

Jane is an integral part of Bella Donna, and we are so fortunate to have such a wonderful player on our team. Jane embodies the spirit of the game while also being a competitive athlete and great friend. Her grit and perseverance will continue to inspire Bellas even after she finishes her last year on the team, BDL.