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University of Michigan

Jade Turner


Jade Turner started playing ultimate the summer before college when she joined a league in her hometown of Traverse City, Michigan. Bringing skills from a competitive gymnastics and diving background, Jade joined Flywheel her first year and displayed natural athleticism from the start. On the field, Jade has solid hands, deadly acceleration, and a competitive drive that is unparalleled. From super high jumping grabs and layouts that become gymnastics rolls, she always dazzles. Off the field, Jade acts as a glue for the team. She is a reliable friend and teammate, and at the same time, a curious, caring, and thoughtful human being.

Jade is also pretty cool. She’s led flywheel to two podium finishes at the annual Centex dance competition with her epic choreography. As social chair, she coordinated many events that brought together all of Michigan ultimate. She’s the friend who offers to look over your paper in the middle of a tough finals season and the teammate who is never above grabbing cones at the end of practice. Her overall generosity and willingness to help is truly an inspiration to all on the team. Flywheel is better because of the motivation, kindness, and drive she brings to her teammates, just by being herself.