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Ivy Harrison


Ivy Harrison, a self proclaimed Organic Local Austinite, found her love for ultimate away from her home city. In fall of 2015, she started at TCU where she joined their womxn’s ultimate team, Wrath. From there, she went on to play for Texas Showdown (2017-2019) and transferred to UT-Austin in the spring of 2018 to start her first season on Texas Melee. It only took one season for the team to respect her as a leader and vote her captain for the rest of her Melee career (2018-2020). Alongside her college and club ultimate career, she was rostered on Austin Torch for two seasons (2018, 2020), coached Austin High Ultimate (2018) and received an invite to U-24 West Coast tryouts.

Ivy inspires her teammates with her intensity and dedication to the sport. Nothing hypes the team up like her chest-high layouts and the way she can chase down any disc. She excels as an O-line cutter with her quickness and speed, deterring any defender in her way. She also is a gritty defender, running through her match ups and skying them when she’s protecting the deep space in Zone plays. Named as part of the 2020 President’s Day All Tournament Team, 2019 1st Team South Central and 2019 South Central Player of the year, Ivy has proven herself as one of the best in the game. On top of her skill, she can be found hyping her teammates up on the sidelines in her iconic cowboy hat and singing karaoke to “Soak Up the Sun” between games. Can I get a howdyyyy, and vote Ivy for Callahan!

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