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Colorado College

India Hilty


You would never know India Hilty first began playing ultimate during her freshman year at Colorado College (and almost quit one time!) after seeing her play. She is the best of the best. Watching her cut is truly incredible to witness – she jukes away her defenders without a problem, blasts down the field and lays out for discs you would think must be down.

And that’s just when she’s cutting. You think you’ve seen it all, until learning she handles too. When she hucks it down the field, “oohs and aahs” are sure to be heard from the sideline. To tie it all together, she was the captain of our team this year and was the greatest leader we could’ve had. It’s not an exaggeration to say each and every player on our team is in LOVE with her. She’s a baller and a half, she’s the goofiest out there, she’s India Hilty.