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Heather Fielding Gebhardt


Heather joined the Bettys as a graduate student in 2016, having played her first year of college ultimate with the Northeastern Valkyries. During her time as a Betty, she has proven herself to be a committed and hardworking player. Heather embodies determination and effort on the field with her token backhand breaks, layouts, and soaring hucks. She was a Betty who took it upon herself to put in the work outside of practice, where she made great strides athletically and mentally and eventually became one of the best players on the team. Heather captained the Bettys this past year, but unfortunately could not play this season due to hip surgery. Despite this setback, she took it upon herself as a leader of the program to include those on the outsides of the team.

Her passion for ultimate shines through both her encouraging sideline voice and her versatile and well-honed strategic advice. She welcomes all players so that they can experience, as she has, the energy and spirit embodied by the sport of ultimate. Heather has been an active leader in the Lawrence ultimate community in Kansas by helping organize community leagues and pickup. She captained Kansas City’s only mixed team, Blitzkrieg, last year, growing the team in both numbers and talent. In the upcoming club season, she is co-creating with her husband KC’s newest mixed club team Seven Sins. The Bettys have been honored to have Heather as a part of their legacy. We can’t wait to watch her bounce back stronger than ever this club season and wish her the best as she continues in her ultimate career!