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Tufts University

Hazel Ostrowski


From her first season in 2020, Hazel “Cash” Ostrowski has been a pillar of the Tufts O-line and a catalyst for the team’s energy and drive. Cash joined Ewo with many accolades as a U20 World Champion and 3x YCC Champion and was instantly expected to fill a critical role for the Tufts offense. Despite a shortened season, Hazel left her mark on the division, brought Tufts to a third-place seed when the pandemic hit, and was awarded Rookie of the Year. In 2022, Cash stepped up to lead a Tufts team that was majority rookies, and despite having never been to college nationals herself due to the pandemic, her leadership, level-headed play, and ability to consistently step up when it mattered most, carried Tufts to its best Nationals finish in nearly a decade. Hazel has played ultimate for 11 years, including with club teams Mixtape and Sprocket, and she is incredibly generous with her experience and consistently elevates her teammates and gives them space to shine. As a captain of Ewo, Cash has helped transform the program into one that is extremely competitive, supportive, skilled and goofy-–all traits that she herself exemplifies.