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Hallie Dunham


Hallie is known to her teammates as Nemo, to Ultiworld as “a truly unique offensive weapon” and to film-lovers everywhere as Hallie’s Dad’s daughter. Her college ultimate career began with a stellar freshman performance where she won nationals as well as Rookie of the Year. This season, she took her game to a new level, winning Offensive Player of the Year and leading Superfly to far exceeding expectations. Hallie is the type of player who will completely change the course of a game in both spectacular and inconspicuous ways. She drops full-field dimes as will. She breaks the mark like her defender doesn’t even exist. She moves the disk quickly with unstoppable handler cuts. She picks apart zones with poise and precision. Hallie brings a level of offensive excellence that is unmatched in the college division. With acute field awareness and relentless focus on defense, she shuts down her player and gets sneaky blocks on everyone else’s. A leader on and off the field, Hallie values hard work, growth, competition, integrity and inclusivity. From her: “Thank you to every single person in the college womxn’s division for making this a rewarding five years. Thank you to my teammates for the love and for being badasses. Thank you to everyone I played against for the gritty competition that made us all better. Thank you to all the coaches for everything you do for this sport and its players.”

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