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Southern California

Georgia Cardosa


Georgia Cardosa (aka Squid) is a fourth-year player on the USC Hellions of Troy, originally from Austin, Texas. Georgia started playing frisbee during her first semester freshman year and has been a dominating force on the field ever since. As a player, Georgia is everywhere on the field, giving a 110% effort. Since starting frisbee, Georgia has continued to challenge herself and her teammates to become the best players they can be. On the Hellions, Georgia is the most dominant deep threat and deep defender who consistently gives her all on every point. Off the field, Georgia is an energetic, fun and driven individual who embodies the spirit of the game. On the sideline, Georgia is always ready to start a cheer and support her teammates anyway she can, especially all the rookies learning to play the game for the first time. As captain of the Hellions for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons, she has put in countless hours building up the Hellions program to the competitive and supportive team it is today. Although the Hellions will miss her dearly, Georgia is off to do many more amazing things as she enters her PhD program at UC Berkeley in the fall!