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Emma Massey


You may recognize Emma Massey from her fierce cuts, spot-on throws and supportive energy on and off the field. UVM Ruckus is so lucky to have shared the field with Emma Massey for three seasons after transferring to UVM her sophomore year. She brings so much to our sport and community. She leads by example, showing us how to leave everything on the field and grind every point no matter on offense or defense. She helps our team gain focus point by point, and brings the smiles and joy through her halftime dances and support.

This season, Emma took on a huge role as an on-field captain. Her dedication to Ruckus shined through each day in helping organize tournament opportunities, practices and community. When she is on the field, our team is at ease because we know that Emma will do everything she can to get the job done for our whole program. We are so thankful that Emma is our teammate, and she is do deserving of this nomination and recognition!

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