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Emma Capra


Emma Capra founded Colorado Quandary (formerly Kali) her freshman year, after briefly getting lost and rushing a sorority. She immediately fell head over heels for a team of badass, weird and nurturing women, much like herself. Emma’s athleticism stood out from the beginning of her freshman year, and after suffering a shoulder injury her sophomore year, she came back to captain her next two years. Her story is one of grit, commitment and, above all, Quandary love.

Emma Capra wears her heart on her sleeve. Ask anyone who defends her and they will tell you that it’s hard to take her seriously with her signature bouncing baby buns and glitter streaked across her face. Looks can be deceiving. Emma is a tenacious defender. In complete objectivity, her coach Claire Chastain said she was, “one of the best defenders in college ultimate,” (but seriously it’s true). She racks up numerous run-through D’s each game, and echoes of her giggles as she’s streaking deep ring in her opponents ear for eternity. Fueled by her love for the team, Emma’s grittiness goes beyond her defensive prowess. She puts in countless hours outside of practice and tournaments perfecting her megablades and working to be the best athlete she can be. More importantly, she constantly strives to be the best teammate she can be. Emma is known for taking younger players under her wing and making them feel known and loved. She has been instrumental in cultivating a culture of hard work and joy, which have contributed to the success of our team in the last five years.

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