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Emily Wang


Emily “Noggin” Wang has been a pivotal member of the Torque Rice Women’s Frisbee team from the time she was a freshman all the way until now as a graduated player. She joined the team as one of three Emilys (and the tallest of them!) and immediately took up a nickname. Noggin studied comp sci and loves climbing and other outdoorsy activities! From making incredible layout plays, to being a key reason the team made Nationals her freshman year, to helping rookies feel comfortable on the team as captain, the “team soup” would not be as rich and flavorful without Noggin’s presence. She has always taken Spirit of the Game very seriously and is the first to notify the team about rule updates. Her skill at the game as an all around amazing player is matched only by her enthusiasm – Noggin has been known to consume spoonfuls of instant coffee straight in order to play until 3 am. Multiple Torquies who are now committed members have been encouraged to pursue leadership positions in the team thanks largely to Noggin’s influence, and the team thanks her for all her spirit and commitment!