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Emily Beck


After joining BLU her freshman year, there was no stopping Emily “Mamba” Beck from becoming the most positive, inspiring, bad*** out there. For the past four years, Mamba has developed into a powerhouse on the field, beating defenders left and right, be it for an undercut to huck it to an excited receiver down field or busting deep, leaving her defender in the dust to score another point for her team. Her focus, dedication, and positive energy have not only helped her become a huge force, but have impacted every single player she’s played with. As a returning captain, Mamba made it clear to everyone that being amazing at ultimate is just as important as being supportive of your friends and having fun. Each practice and game, she shows up with an infectious smile on her face that never leaves. She is the embodiment of the Spirit of the Game and inspires every one of her teammates to believe in themselves and strive for their best.