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Duschia Bodet


Duschia Bodet (Dbo) has played on the Northeastern Valkyries for 6 years. She is currently in a demanding PhD program at Northeastern but still committed to the Valks. Dbo has shown her dedication over the years by filling the roles of treasurer, fundraising committee, and finally captain during the 2020-2021 season. Especially through COVID-19, she worked hard to keep the program alive and engaged.

Dbo is always willing to go the extra mile for her teammates. You can always hear her voice from the sidelines and find her tossing and helping teammates work on deep throws in her free time. She once drove an extra hour and half to drop off an injured teammate after playing a full day at Regionals. Dbo is a valuable teammate, mentor, and most importantly, a friend. Her positive attitude and determined mindset continue to inspire her teammates on and off the field.

Dbo is an allstar ultimate athlete; she started playing in high school on an open team and has since played for Siege in 2021, Portland Rising in 2021, and in two Con10ent tour games in 2021 and 2022.

She really embodies everything about the sport of ultimate. She has been spirited from the start, winning a spirit award at her first spring college tournament; a true rock for the Valkyries, playing every point in the Nationals 2022 Game to Go vs. Brown; and has worked unbelievably hard, filling every role from cutter to central handler.