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University of Florida

Cordelia Collinson


Florida FUEL is honored to present Cordelia (“CeCe”) Collinson as our 2023 Callahan nominee. CeCe started playing ultimate in 8th grade, introduced to the sport by her parents, who met one another playing ultimate! CeCe quickly fell in love with frisbee and was a true natural. She played ultimate for Washington-Liberty High School and with D.C. Rogue in 2017, 2018, and 2019 at the YCC U20 Championships.

Upon arrival at UF, CeCe became a critical component of FUEL’s game-time strategy. CeCe exudes confidence when she has the disc in her hands, never failing to calm her teammates down in a tense situation. On offense, CeCe weaves through zones with ease, always finding the nasty inside or floating a perfectly-timed huck towards the endzone. On defense, she plays tight to her person, laying out when necessary, and serves as an unbreakable short-deep in the zone. But even more impressive than CeCe’s leadership and skill on the field is what she brings to us off of the field. CeCe has captained FUEL for the last two years and serves as a constant example of effort and passion. From extra sprint workouts to throwing in-between classes, CeCe has always demonstrated what it means to truly care about the game and put in everything it takes to be successful.

We are sad to see CeCe leave the college scene, but we are AMPed (Club Nationals 2021) to see where her GRIT (Club Nationals 2022) and spirit take her next.

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