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Caroline O’Connell


Caroline “CRL” O’Connell started playing ultimate at Marcus High School and quickly found success as a tall and tenacious handler. She was exposed to Melee excellence early on in her collegiate career, playing on the 2017 Melee squad that placed 2nd at Nationals. Now in her 6th year, she leads a team where all but a few members had never even seen a college post-season—let alone a Nationals field. She has led Melee against innumerable challenges since Spring 2020 despite, at many times, not even having guaranteed eligibility for the increasingly indefinite return to play. This demonstrated commitment to the team’s tenured campaign of elite-level play shows that, for Caroline, it is, has been, and always will be all about Melee.

Follow the hand raised on the line and waiting to receive the pull, you will find a sensitive, selfless, and hardworking teammate. These qualities define Caroline’s successful leadership as a team captain over the past three years and reinforce her well-deserved candidacy for the 2021 Callahan Award.