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North Carolina State

Carmen Tormey


Carmen Tormey is currently a 5th-year captain on NC State’s Women’s Ultimate team, Jäga Monsta. She also plays for the NC’s elite club team, Phoenix, and the women’s professional team, Raleigh Radiance. Anyone who has had the privilege of seeing her on the field knows that Carm has been a key player on both offense and defense; she is a reliable handler and cutter, and uncannily skilled at finding holes on either side of a cup in zone. In addition to being a necessity on the field, Carmen has served as our treasurer, and has had probably the largest role of anyone in facilitating Jäga’s presence within the local community. She has organized youth clinics with the nearby Al-Iman School, Method Road Community Center, allowing players on Jäga and Alpha (NCSU’s men’s team) to work with a small group of children nearly once a week for the past two years. She has coached local middle school teams, and encouraged her teammates to do the same.

While Carmen’s fierceness on the field and dedication to serving a more administrative role have kept Jäga together in more ways than one, what truly makes her such an amazing player is her ability to be intensely competitive without ever losing sight of the spirit of the game; she constantly reminds everyone on Jäga why we come to practice (for each other), to tournaments (because it’s fun), and to gym workouts (because otherwise no one could keep up with her; she’s so fast it’s ridiculous). She reaches out to teammates outside of practice if they seem to be struggling, goes out of her way to make everyone feel like an important part of the team, keeps balance on a hot-headed team, and in 4 years, I have never seen her take her ultimate frustrations off the field and  onto her team. Carm is the heart of Jäga Monsta, and even though she’s out of college eligibility, she will remain an ultimate role model for everyone on the team now, and in years to come as she keeps dominating in the realms of club and professional ultimate with a big goofy smile on her face.