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Britta Bergstrom


Colorado Quandary is proud to present Britta Bergstrom as our 2022 Callahan nominee. Since the moment she stepped onto the field her freshman year, Quandary fell in love with Britta, and that love has only grown stronger over time. No one plays with more heart, dedication, and drive for a team than Britta. On the field, she is a force to be reckoned with, shutting down opponent’s top handlers on defense, streaking wide open in the deep space on offense, & never letting up in her pursuit of the disc. Her consistency, determination, & desire to improve sets her apart as a competitor and has inspired multiple generations of Quandaries. Off the field, Britta plays an instrumental role in our team’s loving, weird, & accepting culture. Amongst the team, Britta is known for the best halftime dance moves #canyouplaybuttons, starting team trends #ascots #childsizedcroptops, and building relationships. While serving as a captain for 3 years, her empathy and joy lifted every teammate. Through the toughest times of the pandemic, Britta prioritized welcoming rookies into the Colorado Ultimate program and creating space for all, even when we couldn’t share the field together. She’s been a leader in Quandary’s anti-oppression work, guiding our team to be better people, in addition to better teammates. No one is more deserving of playing 7 years of college ultimate than Britta. Quandary has been so lucky to have her all this time. Vote Britta Bergstrom for Callahan! #Brittahan2022