College Championships Submit a Nomination

North Carolina

Bridget Mizener


Bridget Mizener played ultimate for the first time during her first year at the University of North Carolina (UNC). Her gritty athleticism, incredible field vision, and determination made her a threat on the field from the very start. On top of her explosive speed and agility, Bridget has become one of the most talented throwers in the division and is one of the quarterbacks of the Pleiades’ offense.

When not playing ultimate, Bridget has spent time coaching Ember, the Chapel Hill High School girls’ team. Not only does she lead on the field with her play and effort, but she also served as a captain of Pleiades from 2019-2020 and remains a remarkable role model on the team. She is always working to help her teammates improve by actively giving feedback and positive encouragement. Bridget has poured her heart and soul into Pleiades and the North Carolina ultimate community, and we are honored to have her represent our team in the 2021 season.