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O’Linda Sevier


Blaise is an incredibly versatile player and excels at any role on the field, on offense or defense. She’s proven herself equally capable of throwing 70-yard huck assists and chasing down deep discs with unbelievable speed. She’s also known for laying out to make impossible catches on offense and to generate blocks on defense. Her teammates can always rely on her to play at her best no matter the circumstances; her grit and the confidence with which she plays inspires anyone who plays alongside her.

While Blaise’s prowess on the field motivates her teammates to work hard and find their physical and mental limits, she is not satisfied with leading only by example. Bringing her passions and studies surrounding education and innovation, Blaise takes new players under her wing — dedicating time and ingenuity to help them learn to throw and cut, and to understand the rules.

Blaise seeks to lift up her teammates and coaches through an undeniable and unshakeable level of positivity, grit and work ethic. You can consistently count on Blaise to push you harder and farther than you thought was possible and to care for you deeply as a human being. She took her role as a captain this past year incredibly seriously, daring to challenge norms and traditions at every step along the way. Drawing upon the power of mentorship through both interpersonal experiences and through her studies in school, Blaise has become such a strong leader in UVa’s ultimate community, assisting Charlottesville’s ultimate organization in youth clinics every year since she’s been at UVa.

In summary, Blaise fires up her team and her opponents, and she prioritizes her community and her friends before herself. She’s an exceptional ultimate player and community builder, and her positive impact on the ultimate community is just beginning.

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