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California-San Diego

Ava Hanna


Before Ava Hanna was the senior captain of UCSD’s Dragon Coalition, she was an 8 year-old girl who just wanted to throw a frisbee with her dad on the beach. Without a coach or a youth league to play in, her mentors were teammates and adults in pickup leagues and tournaments. Just as they showed her how to recognize a poach, they taught her how to play spirit games like imitating a vegetable and full-body versions of rock-paper-scissors. With their guidance, she grew to become the reliable yet daring handler she is today. Compared to a penguin for her frequent layouts, Ava’s playing style exhibits technique that is both impressive and whimsical. In any given possession, she either breaks the mark with a backhand or an offhand scoober. No throw is off-limits so long as it hits its target. As a 5’3” deep-deep, she showcases the importance of reading as well as speed in sky battles. Picking up these skills from playing in the mixed club division, Ava also played in professional leagues with WUL’s San Diego Superbloom and AUDL’s San Diego Wolfpack. Her past achievements include 1st place at 2018 Youth Club Championships with SoCal Powerline, 2018 Beach Championships with LA Long Beach Legacy, and 2019 DI College Championships with the UCSD Psychos. After 10 years of playing ultimate, Ava Hanna embodies the Spirit of the Game both in her passionate gameplay and respect for her opponents. We are proud to have her as our Callahan nominee.