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Anna Thompson


Anna “Goph” Thompson started playing ultimate in 6th grade in Seattle. She took a quick break to row in high school, but thankfully returned to the sport her first year of college. (As Ultiworld eloquently put it, “…like a salmon instinctively returning to the same Pacific Northwest brook where it was hatched, Thompson knew she would return to ultimate once she got to college.”) Since then, Anna has been unstoppable! She grew from a young fetus to become Venus’s fearless leader and captain both her junior and senior years. Anna has also played for Seattle Freeze, Green Means Go and AMP in Philly, and was selected for the U-24 Mixed National Team in both 2017 and 2019. She helped lead her summer league team to a championship in 2017, one of her proudest accomplishments.

Outside of ultimate, Anna is an economics major and likes to sauna and dig holes. Her love for coffee, cookie butter, and pizza is unmatched. In her free time, she can be found playing Hanabi and having existential conversations with her teammates.