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SUNY Binghamton

Anna Purtell


Anna is the light and sunshine of Big Bear. She loves the environment so much that the environment gives back and has the wind put the disc right into her hands. Every. Time.

Anna is an integral part of Big Bear on and off the field as a two-time captain and an unstoppable offensive force. Her love for frisbee began well before college, tossing since before she could remember with friends and family, and grew even stronger when she played competitively in her Junior year of High School. In her time on Big Bear, Anna has led her team to D-I College Nationals for three consecutive seasons, and in her time off over the summer, has played for the Rochester club team Garbage Plates.

Anna’s positivity radiates in every game she’s played, spreading spirit, smiles, and kindness to anyone on and off the field. She is an incredible athlete, leader, and person, and cannot be stopped on her in-cuts. Big Bear has been so lucky to have such amazing teammate and we are honored to announce Anna Purtell as our Callahan Nominee.