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Alexa Yadama


Alexa Yadama is one of the most versatile players there is. She handles and she cuts on our O line and our D line. She can get open against, and shut down, anyone. She will put her body on the line and make unreal plays without ever being dangerous, all while upholding care and respect for every opponent.

On the field, she is incredible, but it’s hard to find the right words to describe her off the field. She puts so much time and energy and her whole heart into this team. She takes the time to know, love and care for every one of her teammates, and has acted as a role model to every single one of us. In times of struggle, she lifts us up. She is attentive, accountable and is so humble; she hardly knows the impact she has made on this program.

What she gives us all in leadership, work ethic, energy and love is what makes her worthy of any and every award. She brightens up the room. She brightens up the field. She brightens up our hearts. And even though Ultiworld still can’t get her name right, she has left an undying impression on all of us. We love you Lex!