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Wystan Duhn


Wystan began his ultimate Frisbee career at Edina High School in his junior year, leading his team to back-to-back Minnesota High School State Championship titles in only his first two years playing. Wystan quickly gained national recognition for his massive yeets and giant hucks. Minnesota Grey Duck quickly took notice and began to recruit the young man. Their scheme worked, as next year Wystan Duhn dawned the *insert pop-culture reference* jerseys Grey Duck is known for. His addition to the team was apparent from the start, as many hammers, scoobers and hucks were sauced downfield to eager receivers. As the years went by, it was rare to not here, “Shooter!” each time Wystan caught the disc after beating his defender upline. In his senior year, Wystan has found the delicate balance between being a calming presence on the field and an absolute lethal weapon with the disc in his hands. Please consider our very own Wystan Duhn for Callahan 2020.