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Will Lohre


In his third season with Oregon Ego, Will Lohre challenged his teammate Xander in the game Odds to dab every time he scored for an entire season. It backfired. Xander chose one to two, Will lost, and was forced to dab after every goal. That season, over one hundred Lohre dabs were performed in the end zone between President’s Day and Nationals. The part of this story that is uniquely Will Lohre is how he used the silly gimmick to benefit his team. Will’s goals became an extra burst of energy, a moment of ridiculousness that somehow yielded further inspiration for his teammates beyond the joy of another goal scored. It is a microcosm for Will’s effect on and off the ultimate field.

From his first tournament with Oregon Ego, Will Lohre had a resounding impact. A tenacious and relentless cutter, Will started on O-line as a freshman and never looked back, burning defenders for easy unders and flying deep for goal after goal every time he stepped on the field. Will is loud, in every sense of the word. He has a tendency to make the big athletic plays that invigorate his team, and he is always, seriously always, the loudest voice on the sideline. He is a fierce competitor, always pushing for more scrimmages at every practice, and he is constantly improving his own game. He has evolved from a dynamic downfield threat into a do-everything player, adding throws that shred defenses to pieces and intelligent athletic defense to his lethal cutting ability. Though the season is left unfinished, Will managed to shine even in abbreviated competition, cementing himself as one of the best players in the men’s college division. A two-time captain for Oregon Ego, he is an exemplary teammate who always brings the energy and joy to every practice and leads with his vocal presence and vast knowledge of the game. These intangibles, and all additional listed praises, demonstrate why Will Lohre deserves the 2020 Callahan Award.