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Will Helenski


Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur is proud to nominate Will Helenski for the Callahan Award. Since his arrival at Pitt, Will has been an elite athlete. Over the years, he has developed into a highly skilled player on both sides of the disc. On offense, he is a strong cutter with great throws, and defensively he is an incredibly smart defender that makes jaw-dropping plays. Perhaps his best attribute is his ability to come through in the clutch, routinely making game-saving blocks and finding ways to win. Off the field, Will is the best leader and friend you could ask for. He has captained our team for two years now and has played a huge part in maintaining and bolstering our team’s success. He is also a great and selfless teammate that is always looking for ways to help improve and highlight others. We could not be more excited to have Will as our nominee.