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Texas - Dallas

Wesley Miaw


Wesley is a graduating senior biology major at UT-Dallas. He has been a captain of Woof Ultimate for the past two years and has played a pivotal role in bringing Woof to the college nationals conversation. Wesley leads by example through blood, sweat and tears, and consistently inspires his teammates to be the best versions of themselves. No matter the circumstances, Wesley rises to the occasion and gives it his all. On the field, Wesley plays both ways: routinely taking the toughest match-up defensively and often initiating the offense after a turn. He is a clutch player, with multiple layout d’s, skies and hand blocks on countless universe points. Off the field, Wesley is an incredibly caring individual, an extremely supportive friend and a weirdly goofy person. We love you Wesley, and we wish you the best in medical school and in all your future endeavors! #WOOF

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