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Stony Brook

Wes Collins


Describing Wes Collins in just 250 words seems criminal. The man is one of the most dynamic ultimate players of this generation. He has skied his best friend James at least 20 times and then wiped it on him afterwards for good measure. Wes is a former sprinter and displays athleticism that very few people have ever seen. He claims to have clocked a 40-yard dash time at 4.33 seconds with a 40.5 inch vertical. Off the field is where Wes seems to excel the most. He very frequently uses his own personality to generate laughter for others. Rather than see others made fun of, he puts himself in the limelight for people to laugh at. For example, he once accidentally spilled diablo sauce on himself while eating a burrito in the shower. Wes has many times been asked to join every group chat on the team in order to be close with everyone. He is even in a chat called Wine Mom’s of Long Island. This chat includes my mom and her friends, but Wes wanted to join too. The thing that sets Wes apart from the rest of the country is his sheer lack of an off switch. This applies to all aspects of his life. One time Wes tried so hard in intramural ultimate that his team got broken up. That man just wants to win, plain and simple. Winner, leader, maestro. These are the words that one hears when they think of Wes Collins.