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Vinay Valsaraj


Vinay Valsaraj came to Texas with a type of excitement and Louisiana swagger that people weren’t used to on TUFF. However, people quickly realized that this personality was simply a result of Vinay’s passion for the game. From even before tryouts, Vinay had sent the captains a high school highlight video to show them that he could hang with the best. From his very first practice, he wasn’t scared to layout for the most impossible discs and throw the risky hucks. He knew he could dominate the field, and he showed it. However, anyone who knows Vinay will tell you that despite his dominance on the field, he truly appreciates this sport for its people and community.

His ultimate career almost ended before it even had a chance to start because he was not chosen in the lottery system for Baton Rouge High School, and instead he had to go to a school that did not have an ultimate program. However, one senior on the BRH ultimate team decided that he would leave early from school so he could pick up Vinay, bring him to their practice and then drive him back home after. This commitment from someone who barely knew him is why Vinay strives to give everything to this sport and pass along the good vibes. As a result, he is the ideal teammate who always builds everyone up and leaves everything out on the field. He embodies the primary values of our team which are commitment, intensity and brotherhood.

Since his rookie year of sensational bids and flashy throws, Vinay has matured into a reliable and well-rounded two-way player. He will always be on our universe line, whether we need a huge block or a big sky in the end zone. Vinay’s leadership begins with his on-field intensity and drive and continues when he relentlessly builds up his teammates. His impact on this team is felt by every member of our team and community. And that is why Vinay Valsaraj is the Callahan nominee for the University of Texas TUFF.