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Troy Beauchat


Troy is an essential part of the Edinboro’s ultimate team. At Edinboro University, we do not have many players on our rosters. So, we have players play many roles on the team. Troy is one of those key players. Being 6’4″ and 190 lbs., he is the tallest player on our roster. He has been a starter on offense and defense since his sophomore year. We do not have set positions, so he plays a significant role being able to switch from being a handler to a cutter based on who is on the field. Troy plays almost every point at a tournament. That is about six to eight games a weekend with no rest!

He played a crucial role for Edinboro back in 2017. We were playing against West Virginia Ultimate. It was universe point and this game was going to take Haggis back to regionals if we won. After four attempts at the end zone, Max Sheppard throws a scoober to a “random dude” in the back of the end zone. That dude was Troy Beauchat, laying out to catch the disc. He was able to send us to regionals in 2017.

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