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North Carolina State

Trevor Lynch


When asked about some words that would describe Trevor to those who had had the immense pleasure of playing on a team with him before, many Alpha players used words like “hard-working,” “passionate,” “loving,” and “oh-my-god-how-did-he-do-that.” Trevor has been a staple of the NC State program since the moment he got to Raleigh, helping propel the program from a mid-level team to a national competitor in every single game he plays in. While many people on the outside get a look into his jaw-dropping hucks and his insane ability to in the air, the real reason why Trevor deserves the Callahan Award is the leadership and passion he has for people around him and his willingness to make any possible sacrifice for the success of others. Trevor leads by example, shows grace and compassion to his teammates, and is the number one person everyone on the team would call whenever they needed some help. Watch his Callahan video to make sure you know Trevor as a player, but talk to anyone who has interacted with Trevor to make sure you know that he’s one of the best people in the sport.

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