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Trevor Graham


My name is Trevor Graham, and my frisbee career began when I joined the Rosemount High School ultimate team my junior year, primarily because some of my friends were playing. At that time, my spring was primarily focused on running hurdles on the track team, but I always looked forward to ultimate practice when I was able to make time. I knew that I definitely wanted to pursue ultimate in college, as I was starting my freshman year at the University of Minnesota the next fall. I wasn’t able to make Grey Duck my freshman year and played on the B team, Ugly Duck. While I was disappointed I was not able to make the top team, I spent the next year developing as a player, making new friends, and working towards my goal of making Grey Duck the next season. I successfully made the team the following fall. I loved the competitive culture and spent the next season carving out a role for myself on the defensive line. It has been incredibly rewarding to see my role on the team expand and play a part in all of the successes of the team. I am super thankful for awesome teammates and coaches at the high school, club, and college levels that helped to motivate me and make me a better player. I am excited about the work Grey Duck has put in this season, and I am looking forward to my last College Nationals!