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Pittsburgh - B

Trent Greener


Trent started playing on Pitt-B in the fall of 2016. From the moment he joined the team, he helped turned the team around from an ordinary developmental team into a regionals-contending team priding itself on hard work and fundamentals. Trent helped defy all stigmas of a B-team for Pitt-B and continued to do so year after year, captaining both his junior and senior years at Pitt.

On the field, Trent utilizes his fundamentals, leadership skills and dashingly good looks to push the team to new heights. If Trent’s on the field, you better watch out. Any disc that goes up, you can bet Trent will be nearby to grab it. You can run, but you can’t hide – you will be skied, ATM-style.

This is our tribute to Chief Knucklehead, whose contributions go beyond what’s highlighted on the field. We love you Brent!

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