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Northeastern University

Thomas Griffin


Tommy is a certified shooter and almost always leads the pack in more than one statistical column (one of those being assists). He made an immediate impact on the Northeastern O-line from the start of his college career and was on the New England all-freshman team in 2019. At fall nationals in 2021, he led Northeastern in assists and has played an increasingly significant role each of the last five years. This past year, he has stepped up as a leader of a much younger team and has shifted seamlessly into his new role as a veteran and a captain. In addition to being automatic from three, Tommy dominates the skies, where he utilizes his athletic background in basketball and as a semi-professional dunker. Outside of college, Tommy (aka LeBron) has also captained Iditarod, the Northeastern-based club team that finished fifth in New England in 2021. During his semester abroad at McGill his freshman year, he took his talents north and finished second in the Canadian college championships, which has helped him to develop into the international sensation we know him as today.