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Ted Schewe


Ted was born to Carol and Jim with a disc in hand. Growing up in the Madison ultimate community, his potential was evident from an early age. Ted made an immediate impact upon joining the Hodags, running after deep balls and snatching defenders’ ankles. After winning a gold medal with team USA in the summer of 2018, Ted helped lead the team back to Nationals for the 20th year in a row. The next couple of years blur together as we entered the 2-year period of COVID, but Ted joined the leadership and helped navigate the program through the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, he continued to help make his teammates better with film and strategy sessions. Ted’s effort during the pandemic were essential to the team’s success coming out of the pandemic, as he led the team to Nationals appearances in the fall and (against all odds) the spring. Ted ‘the big head ed shoe shooter’ Schewe for #tedahan.