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California-San Diego

Stefan Samu


Since his inaugural 2015-2016 season on the Air Squids, Stefan Samu has been a pillar of consistency, competitiveness, passion, and leadership for his team. Since picking up ultimate his senior year of high school, Stefan has developed into a stellar all-around player through his tireless work ethic and his desire to be great. He does it all on the field and wears whatever hat the team needs him to, which is often many hats at once. One of the fiercest competitors out there, Samu leads by example and holds his teammates to a high standard, raising the level of those around him. He has often played through nagging injuries to help will his team to important victories, inspiring his teammates and opponents alike. Having played basketball and football in high school, his killer instinct, athleticism, and competitive nature have translated to his ultimate career swimmingly. While he is known for his tenacious defense and athleticism, Samu has stepped into huge roles on offense throughout his career, showcasing his impressive throwing ability and level-headed demeanor with the disc. His experience on the Squids, San Diego Streetgang, and the San Diego Growlers have shaped him into an outstanding player with terrific versatility, game sense, and leadership. Opponents quiver in fear when they see Stefan Samu on the opposing line, and for good reason. He is a force to be reckoned with, and we are proud to nominate him for the Callahan Award this year.