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Solomon Rueschemeyer-Bailey


Solomon Rueschemeyer-Bailey. Three time Brownian Motion captain, 11-time Theta flag football champion and perhaps the best player in college ultimate with a hyphenated last name to get no credit for it. SRB, or as he is fondly known on BMo, FTB – the Father of Team Dumb. But, don’t let Sol’s nickname fool you; it belies his greatest strength – his renowned mental toughness. Sol rarely loses a flip, and if he does, it was on purpose. When he wins, he chooses defense. Sol says his role on BMo boils down to one thing – never turning the disc over. Simple. Keep it. And it’s true, he never turns it over. Sol lives by the wisdom, “Don’t over think things.” In his words, “Bucket Theorem got us.” One time, Sol’s scrimmage team staged an eight-point comeback with five minutes left at practice – Bucket Theorem at work. It’s difficult to get an idea of Sol if you’ve never met him. He was born and raised in Amherst, so he’s a little weird. He’s a smart guy, but he’d rather be a dumb jock. And he has a strange penchant for naming things. Sol can be heard on the field calling plays like “Hopper Woof,” “Reebok” or “Gritz,” and although no one knows what they mean, there can be no doubt they channel some mysterious crandetic power to help us win. We’re not sure how Sol works, but we know why – because he is a selfless leader, a tenacious player and a loyal friend.

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