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Sam Kaminsky


Sam “Kam” Kaminsky has been instrumental in Grey Duck’s success at the national level for the past four years. Playing in the Minnesota Ultimate organization since middle school, Kam made an instant impact during his freshmen year with Grey Duck, helping lead the team to a national championship in 2016.

Kam has led Grey Duck as a captain for the past three years, and while he was an O-line mainstay for his first three years, his transition to a D-line handler this year has led to Grey Duck’s success this season.

Kam has always reflected the qualities that make a great teammate. He leads by voice and by example and is always willing to help out a teammate, on or off the field. He has a huge impact on Minnesota Ultimate, serving as a tournament director for multiple high school tournaments. He even has cuts named after him. Grey Duck is honored to nominate Sam Kaminsky for the 2019 Callahan Award.