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Carnegie Mellon

Ryan Hoffman


Hey I’m Ryan Hoffman (#2 on the field) and I’m a graduating senior at Carnegie Mellon University playing for Mr. Yuk Ultimate. I have been playing ultimate for about seven years now. I started playing in high school at Hotchkiss, and I have loved playing ever since. In college, not only have I grown tremendously as a player, but I have also found a great group of people that I am proud to call my teammates and friends. Ultimate has been many things for me: an escape from the stresses of school, a way to meet new people and form new bonds, and an avenue for me to work and compete at the highest level. The memories I have are irreplaceable and I can’t imagine my life without this sport. So thanks to my coaches, friends and teammates for helping me create this once in a lifetime experience called “college ultimate.” I couldn’t have done it without yinz.

Proud Mr. Yukker,

Ryan Hoffman