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Marist College

Oliver Fay


Oliver Fay is one of the top ultimate Frisbee players in the country. However, his towering presence, incredible layouts and breath taking deep throws are not what defines him. His dedication to his team, drive to compete and ability to lead are what make him so great. Oliver was nominated Captain of Red Fox Ultimate last year. His ability to teach the game to others is what makes Oliver stand out. He has a way of breaking down complex concepts to help educate new players. This is the primary reason Marist Ultimate has seen a large increase in its level of play over the last two years.

Oliver also has an incredible talent of motivating his team members. He takes the time to give each and every player advice that will help them improve, thus helping the team improve its overall talent. In addition to helping players improve their skill set, Oliver also teaches players what it means to be a part of a team. His emphasis on team chemistry and a team system helps every player feel valued and appreciated. Oliver’s positive attitude and spirit are more traits that make him an outstanding leader. He models good sportsmanship every time he steps on the field. His constant high fives and words of encouragement bring a positive vibe that is contagious. His positive attitude has encouraged members of Red Fox Ultimate, as well as opposing teams, to spread their spirit.